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Our Mission and Vision

For those who have not attended an information session about this movement, please allow me to elaborate more.... South Africa is facing its most devastating challenge yet, and the enemy is coming for us with all that he has to destroy the calling, destiny and mantle of South Africa. With a corrupt government, farm murders, violence in the rural areas, youngsters standing up in rebellion, corrupt media, unrighteous education as the norm of the day and the force of the anti-Christ hovering over our country, destruction and civil war is at our doorstep. As the Ecclesia we simply cannot allow this, not just for the sake of our beloved country and our generations but for the sake of the world. Our help is not going to come from our government or any other country, but from CHRIST alone and we are His representatives on earth. Such a burden and anguish was birthed in my spirit for South Africa, unlike any other I have ever experienced. Within this anguish the Lord revealed a strategy in a split second for South Africa, to assemble the Church and army of Christ to take up its position to defend and strengthen our country. The more the Lord unpacked this strategy, the more I came to the realization that this is not only going to successfully fend off the enemy but this will release such a powerful force of the Holy Spirit that the opposite thing would happen, the long awaited REVIVAL!!! According to many prophets, Billy Grahams death marked the time for the revival for start. We do not have any other time but now. IT’S TIME! This vision is based and founded on Joel 2 which speaks of the end time army which will arise.

The Strategy
This strategy is a practical plan to help each individual, young and old to understand and to take up his or her position within the army of Christ according to authorities, gifts and anointing. The Lord challenged us in this..... we should trust Him for at least 5.5 Million people to participate in this movement! The movement is called : “SA UNITE IN CHRIST”.

Every tribe, every tongue and all age groups, united for a successful and destined future.

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